Solidarity on Tube is truly awesome

01 September 2015

Strange, as none of the unions involved are fundamentally against a properly resourced Night Tube. Having acted in bad faith they then declared a one-off payment with no guarantees or limits on rostering or staffing levels to protect existing agreements or the work/life balance. Health and safety is not a factor, either, on a system that saw an increase in sexual assaults last year.

According to the press it’s all about ‘greedy Tube drivers’ and making comparisons with other workers in a race to the bottom. We want all workers to be properly paid, with proper (not zero hours) contracts of employment, not false comparisons by those who do not understand the nature of what we do. We then get the lies that what they are offering is reasonable and London Mayor Boris Johnson, a man with four jobs, who has just had a 10% increase for one of them, and signed a contract for £500k on another, says we should be grateful! While Patrick

McLoughlin, the Secretary of State for Transport, says it’s political. It isn’t. It’s industrial. In March we were unaware either of the Conservative victory in May or the intended dishonourable and despicable act of bad faith by London Underground.

On the Tube, and everywhere else on the rail network in this country, rest assured that this trade union will continue to fight against bad faith, imposed conditions and political lies.

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