Last day at party conference

01 October 2015

This is the motion Mick moved:

Conference welcomes the September 23 signing of an agreement on the transitional justice element of the Colombian peace process between the government of Colombia and the FARC. Conference notes the significance of the historic meeting between President Santos and FARC Commander Timoleon Jimenez and congratulates all involved in reaching this point.

Conference echoes the congratulations offered by Shadow Foreign Secretary Hilary Benn who talked of “the important breakthrough in the Colombian peace process”, and recognises the bravery of all civil society activists who have risked their lives to campaign for peace.

Conference congratulates the groundbreaking work of the trade union and MP backed Justice for Colombia campaign in their efforts to support the peace process. Conference continues to be concerned about ongoing persecution of human rights and trade unionists.

Conference calls on the Labour Party to:

  • Encourage the parties to reach a bilateral ceasefire as soon as possible.

  • Meet with members of the negotiating teams.

  • Continue to support Justice for Colombia in the role it is playing in the peace process in Colombia.

  • Continue to support Justice for Colombia in highlighting and condemning the ongoing violence against civil society activists

The motion was unanimously approved by conference.

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