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08 September 2005

Wales&Borders - 2002 Pay (Revised Offer)


On Thursday 28 November 2002, the General Secretary, EC President, District Secretary No.6 and the Wales & Borders Company Council met with members of Wales & Borders management and a senior representative of the National Express Group.

The meeting was called in light of EC Resolution 828/418 and the massive 87.3% ‘yes’ vote in favour of industrial action. As per EC Resolution 828/418, both parties are committed to resolving outstanding issues and to achieving an acceptable package by Friday 13 December 2002. 

The meeting was constructive and at the conclusion of negotiations, an improved offer on pay and improvements to conditions of service was reached. 

This offer will now be considered by the Executive Committee, who are the body authorised to call industrial action, in their session of Monday 9 December 2002.

Special Open Meeting

A special meeting in respect of the Wales & Borders 2002 Pay (Revised Offer) has been arranged on:


The meeting is open to all Wales & Borders members, and will be held with the District Secretary No.6 and the Wales & Borders Company Council in attendance.

Your ASLEF representatives will answer any questions members may have, provide further details and clarify any outstanding issues.

All members are encouraged to attend and participate fully in this important meeting.

EC Resolution 829/418

“That the correspondence and report be noted and the General Secretary instructed to advise the Managing Director First North Western of the result of the referendum on the revised terms and conditions of service and that ASLEF wishes to seek a negotiated settlement.

Failure to resolve the outstanding issues by 13 December 2002 to the satisfaction of our negotiators will result in ASLEF members (this refers to driving grade members only) withdrawing their labour for a period of 48 hours from 00.01 on Saturday 14 December 2002 to 23.59 on Sunday 15 December 2002 and from 00.01 on Saturday 21 December 2002 to 23.59 on Sunday 22 December 2002. 

The provisions of the statutory regulations to apply, all Branches and representatives First North Western be advised.”


Former Cardiff Valley and Wales & West Drivers

Increase and Rate

Back Pay


£850 - Before Xmas 2002


£26000 - October 2002


£27000 - April 2003


£28000 - January 2004


£28850 - October 2004 - Full Harmonisation


Pay/Hours – Former Central Trains Drivers


Increaseand Rate


£500 - April 2003


(+ Hours reduced from 37 to 36)


£500 - April 2004


(+ Hours reduced from 36 to 35)


3 % or RPI - July 2005


3 % or RPI - July 2006


Formation of a joint working party (JWP) to examine issues arising from each separate section, including; valuations, contribution rates and the feasibility of going to a single fund.

Maximum 4 Day Working Week

Formation of a JWP, to end institutionalised overtime/rest day working, and a commitment to the introduction of a 4 day working week (including Sundays within the week). Individuals who have never worked on a Sunday, or who have not worked on a Sunday in the past two years, will be exempt from these arrangements.

Annual Leave

Agreement on a form of words to guarantee that no individual loses any annual leave, and explanation of increased ‘time-off’ for members.

Depot Establishments

Agreement on an establishment calculator as a tool to ensure proper resources to depots and sufficient staffing levels, with coverage for leave requirements. 

Parallel Linking

Agreement in principle, with details to be negotiated in due course. This will not be introduced until May 2003 at the earliest. 

Diagramming / Rostering

Phased introduction. In principle working towards Summer 2003. 

Cover for Sundays/Special Events

Agreement in principle. Further agreement to formulate wording that will guarantee that this is on a voluntary basis. Further that the Company Council will be involved in determining these arrangements, along with the local level representatives on rostering, to ensure an equal and fair system.

Members will be kept fully informed on these issues as they are progressed. 

The complete offer will now be considered by the Executive Committee in their session of Monday 9 December, who will make a recommendation on how this matter will be progressed. 

Following consideration by the Executive Committee the LLC will be meeting on Tuesday 10 December 2002 to examine the offer in detail.

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