Night tube 'for the rich'

22 September 2015

Mick Whelan, general secretary of ASLEF, the train drivers’ union, has responded to a new study by the travel app company MapWay which reveals that the proposed all-night Tube service on London Underground will only benefit wealthy Londoners.

He said: ‘While we believe a world class capital city like London deserves a 24-hour Tube service, we have always argued that it has to be properly planned, and properly introduced, so that it works not just for London Underground, but for the passengers, and the drivers who deliver the service, as well.

‘TfL tried to rush it in,without any proper consultation or sensible negotiations, which is why they missed their deadline of 12 September.

‘Now it appears, from this independent study, that the service will only benefit the richest people in the capital. At a time when TfL are slashing bus services on the proposed Night Tube routes, so passengers using those service will be paying three times as much as it has been costing them up till now.

‘On top of which we now learn that there are no taxi ranks at the stations served by the Night Tube. What away to run a railway! It’s time TfL sat down and thought this through properly to help us deliver the service Londoners need, deserve and expect.’

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