Brighton rocks for Labour: Saturday

27 September 2015

Brighton is buzzing off the back of Jeremy Corbyn’s election as Labour Party leader. Conference has really come alive with everyone expectant of a great week of discussion, debate and policy making.

ASLEF has sent four delegates – Mick Whelan, general secretary; Tosh McDonald, EC president; Graham Ibbetson of Wigan branch; and Alan Moir of Polmadie – to conference.

Simon Weller,national organiser; Dave Calfe, EC vice-president; executive committee members Marz Colombini and Howard Kaye; district organisers Dicky Fisher and Colin Smith, and Debbie Reay of Northern Line North and Karen Tilley of West London Electric, are attending as visitors. And Collette Gibson, Paddington branch, is here as a delegate for Braintree Constituency Labour Party.

On Saturday here in Brighton Mick Whelan was elected vice-chair of TULO, the influential Trade Union & Labour Party Liaison Organisation, which co-ordinates the activities of the 15 trade unions which affiliate to the Labour Party.

Tosh McDonald, our executive committee vice-president, made waves with a barnstorming speech at the Campaign for Labour Party Democracy fringe meeting at the Friends meeting house.

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