TUC hosts successful meeting with RMT over membership areas

08 September 2005

TUC leader Brendan Barber chaired a meeting this morning between ASLEF and the RMT to discuss problems over recruitment areas. The outcome was positive and hopefully our antagonisms can be set aside in a new spirit of harmony and cooperation.

The ASLEF delegation of General Secretary Keith Norman and Executive President Alan Donnelly agreed with their opposite numbers Bob Crow and Tony Donagheythat they would work for an immediate end to derogatory publicity material produced by either union at any level - and that they would strive to restore proper, fraternal and comradely relations.

ASLEF and the RMT are considering regular liaison meetings in the future, and will meet in the near future to discuss the position on the Heathrow Express, EWS and other matters.

‘It was a useful and necessary exchange,’ says Keith. ‘I’m grateful to Brendan Barber for arranging the meeting, and to Bob and his colleagues for coming to it with a positive attitude.

‘ASLEF will do all it can to restore proper relations with our sister union. A lot more binds us together than drives us apart.’

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