ASLEF wins Newcastle Equal Pay case

06 September 2005

ASLEF has secured a groundbreaking claim for equal pay in Newcastle which the union believes paves the way for significant pay rises for all its Metro Operator staff.

The specific case today confirmed that Newcastle Metro had discriminated against Ann Fulton by refusing to give her - a Metro operator - equal pay with drivers. The tribunal has ordered the company to pay her at the same rate, because the union had convinced them that she does the same job.

Ann, and other women in her grade, will also be entitled to back-pay for the period of the discrimination against them.

ASLEF now aims to press for its male Metro operators to secure the same pay as the women in their grade.

The union"s General Secretary Keith Norman said that the result was a victory for the union, for common sense and for common decency. But he added, "It is ridiculous that there should be a need for Equal Pay cases in this day and age. It sounds more like 1955 than 2005."

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