First North Western – ASLEF “The Dispute will go ahead”

05 September 2005

On Friday 9th August it was revealed that not for the first time this week, the First North Western Management team have not attended dispute resolution talks with ASLEF.

First North Western has used bullying and strong-arm tactics in their negotiations with ASLEF.

ASLEF General Secretary Mick Rix said today “this unprofessional attitude by First North Western to the ASLEF negotiation team has got worse by the minute. It is no wonder our members are going to take action”

First North Western have tried to hold separate negotiation talks with (Manager) Drivers instead of ASLEF’s negotiators and today First North Western issued an offer to all drivers which had not be seen by the ASLEF negotiations team.

Mick Rix added “I am calling on the Government and the Secretary of State for Transport Alistair Darling to get to grips with its (Silent Rail Authority) SRA and to take a lead for a change in terms of positive news for our industry, by ensuring that First North Western honours the agreement signed with me two weeks ago”. 

“Rather than the dishonest way, it is trying to impose new productivity issues to our members"

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