05 September 2005

ASLEF has conducted a successful ballot of its members at LUL for industrial action over pay and the LUL harassment policy. Effectively, the issues concern the imposition by management of an unacceptable 2002/2003 pay offer and the total failure by LUL to address the issues raised by the General Secretary relating to changes to the LUL Harassment Policy.

2002/03 Pay

In a letter dated 6 August 2002, the Director of Human Resources, stated that LUL are:-

Refusing to go to non-binding mediation
Imposing an unacceptable 3% pay deal on our members 
Thereby attempting to undermine the machinery agreement between ASLEF and LUL 

ASLEF will not stand by and allow our agreements to be undermined in this cavalier fashion.

LUL Harassment Policy

Following recent disturbing incidents of racial harassment and victimisation of ASLEF members and representatives, the General Secretary has raised with LUL a number of concerns over the content and application of the LUL Harassment policy along with suggestions of potential ways of changing and strengthening it.

These proposed changes include:-

  • Right to trade union representation for the alleged harasser at each stage of the process

  • Inclusion of a clause on false accusation

  • Enhancement of the role of the Trade Union Harassment
    Representatives for the purpose of representation

  • Provision of full details of the allegations being made available to the alleged harasser and their representatives

ASLEF has also expressed concern about the timescales for completion of investigations not being met and that 40% of cases were for allegations of racial harassment yet none had been referred to formal disciplinary hearings. 

Management have agreed there are failings with the policy and say they will consider our proposals but we have yet to have an acceptable agreement to resolving the issues

The Executive Committee resolved that strikes would take place as follows.

2000 hours on Tuesday 24 September 2002 until 1959 hours on Wednesday 25 September 2002 

2000 hours on Tuesday 1 October 2002 until 1959 hours on Wednesday 2 October 2002

ASLEF is, as always, is prepared to return to the negotiating table, strike action is always the last resort – management know this but as yet have made no response to our requests for a meeting. They seem determined that the strikes should go ahead.

London Underground Denies ASLEF Access to Trainees

We have today received a communication from London Underground management informing us that ASLEF will be refused access to train operator trainees with immediate effect.

At a time when new recruits need maximum access to proper trade union information and support, and, at the first opportunity they may have to take out an ASLEF card and provide themselves with all the protection that that entails, they are being denied this fundamental right.

This is a shameful example of the worst kind of anti-trade union practice which LUL is using as a means of trying to undermine ASLEF.

Management must understand that ASLEF members will not be intimidated by such petty-minded practices. Our officers and representatives are always available to provide recruits with membership advice, and advice and support to all our members, particularly during periods of dispute.

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