Tube Dispute called off after Mayor makes offer of mediation

05 September 2005

The tube dispute has been ended after the Mayor of London Ken Livingstone offered to institute independent non-binding mediation of this year"s pay round as Transport for London has taken control of the Underground Network

Mr Livingstone addressed the joint executive committees of ASLEF and the RMT after the abysmal and provocative way in which LUL management has conducted this years pay negotiations Bob Crow RMT General Secretary said "The Mayor has given a guarantee that as soon as he takes control of London Underground the just pay claim of ASLEF and the RMT will be referred to independent non-binding mediation through ACAS, under the chairmanship of Professor Frank Burchill of Keele University, and that the outcome will be backdated to April 1 2002 "

Mr Livingstone also undertook to independently review any harassment and victimisation cases of our reps and members relating to this dispute" said General Secretary Mick Rix 

"The Mayor also said that if the Infracos are transferred to the private sector, any award given after mediation , but it has become increasingly obvious that the government, through John Spellar was intent on prolonging this dispute for Political reasons 

We therefore welcome the Mayors intervention which demonstrates a serious concern for the long term interests of transport in the capital" said Mick Rix

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