ASLEF Strike Fund launched to support FNW members

05 September 2005

The train drivers union ASLEF has donated £10,000 from the ASLEF hardship fund to help support the striking members on First North Western.

General Secretary Mick Rix said “Our members on First North Western have lost over a week’s pay this year due to the stubbornness of management in refusing to offer them an acceptable pay and conditions package”.

Each of ASLEF’s 17,000 members will be asked to donate £5 to the fund to assist the striking members on First North Western and their families.

ASLEF members on First North Western will be taking industrial action at weekends until the weekend of November 23/24. The strike dates have been scheduled for weekends in order to minimise disruption to commuters and to let the public know exactly what service may be expected. 

Mick Rix “In the interests of all concerned, we can only hope that the company and the Strategic Rail Authority will now begin to concentrate on resolving this dispute. Until that time all ASLEF members will be showing their solidarity with their fellow members on First North Western with this financial assistance”

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