Special One Day Conference

05 September 2005

The Socialist Campaign Group of Labour MPs

Saturday 30th November 2002
10:30am to 5:00PM


"After New Labour in Manchester"
Democratic Socialism in the 21st Century


As the "New Labour" experiment begins to disintegrate there is an overriding need to re-establish Labour"s broad church. The Socialist Campaign Group along with major Trade Unions, are organising this special conference to commence the process of reclaiming the Labour Party. New Labour mistakes of privatisation, PPP, disposable labour markets, extending means-testing and aggressive militarism are undermining Labour"s credibility. The party must return to its traditional commitments of full employment, universal welfare, peace and democratic accountability. Key policy papers on new approaches will form the basis of this re-founding conference, which will be open to Labour Party members and affiliated unions. Given the perilous situation facing public services at home, the drift into war abroad, and the serious rise in job losses, this will be a landmark conference, in setting a new direction for the Labour Party. It will provide an opportunity for socialists in the movement to identify specific, achievable objectives around which Labour MP’s, trade unionists and rank-and-file Labour Party members can unite. 

The Socialist Campaign Group of Labour MPs:


John McDonnell MP


Diane Abbott MP


Alan Simpson MP

Hon. President:

Tony Benn


For Further Enquiries contact the Campaign Group Press Office: 
Tel: 020 7622 5734 or 020 7219 2615.

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