Night tube: Not this year

14 October 2015

Talks with London Underground have broken up today without agreement. It is now clear that all-night services in the capital will not be introduced this year. Finn Brennan, ASLEF’s organiser on London Underground, said: ‘We have made it clear to London Underground that we want to keep talking and develop a solution that delivers Night Tube while protecting and improving the work-life balance for our members. We have put forward a number of proposals to resolve this dispute in a way that is fair and benefits both sides. London Underground have rejected them all. Most disappointingly of all they have decided to blackmail their own employees by refusing to make a pay offer unless staff agree to worsen their working conditions. That is not something we are prepared to accept. The management of London Underground has completely mishandled these negotiations. They have wasted every opportunity for a settlement and seem to have been determined to provoke confrontation rather than resolution.’

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