First Great Western proposals

05 September 2005

Executive Committee rejects proposals.

Further to Head Office circular 337/2005 (EC Resolution 761/430) which outlined the decision of the Executive Committee to ballot our members on First Great Western for industrial action in response to the company’s failure to engage in meaningful discussions involving productivity issues, meetings have since taken place between the two parties in an attempt to reach a negotiated settlement.


The Executive Committee today gave consideration to reports and correspondence in respect of the meetings and adopted the following resolution:


813/431 “That the report and correspondence be noted and the General Secretary be instructed to advise the Managing Director, First Great Western that their correspondence dated 1st September 2005 is unsatisfactory to this EC and the provisions of EC Resolution 761/430 continues to apply.

Further, the General Secretary be instructed issue the ballot papers in accordance with EC resolution 761/430 with a closing date 21st September 2005 for the return of ballot papers.

All branches and Representatives First Great Western be advised.”

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