Jeremy joins ASLEF activists at King's Cross

04 January 2016

ASLEF activists were out in force at Britain’s railway stations today for an Action for Rail protest about rising fares as the privatised train operating companies look to make fatter profits off the back of hard-pressed passengers. Mick Whelan, ASLEF’s general secretary; DO6 Dicky Fisher; and DO8 Finn Brennan were joined at King’s Cross first thing this morning by Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn and Shadow Transport Secretary Lilian Greenwood as well as Mick Cash of the RMT and Manuel Cortes of the TSSA. ASLEF, RMT and Labour Party members were also at Doncaster station handing out postcards opposing the fare increases and calling for a return of the railways to public ownership. ‘Rosie Winterton, Labour Chief Whip, joined us for a while,’ said EC president Tosh McDonald, adding, ‘Oh no, she didn’t.’ ‘Oh yes, she did!’

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