Move from Check Off to Direct Debit

22 January 2016

Fight the Trade Union Bill: Move from check off to direct debit.

The government’s Trade Union Bill is an assault on the British trade union movement’s right to strike, picket and campaign. One very particular attack is the proposal to abolish check off across all public sector organisations. The railway receives public funding directly through train operating companies and Network Rail which will bring it under the scope of the Bill.

ASLEF needs to prepare for this across our membership as a matter of priority. We are therefore asking members currently on check off to move to direct debit in order to ensure the union remains financially independent in the future.

Key points

- The trade union movement is under attack from a government determined to destroy us.

- Moving from check off to direct debit will help us defend ourselves against this threat and to remain a strong and independent trade union by protecting our income stream.

- Having more members on direct debit helps us to better represent members, organise and campaign.

- Many train operating companies charge us to provide check off facilities. Moving to direct debit will save us money.

Direct Debit form

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