ASLEF supports Kezia's answer to austerity

02 February 2016

ASLEF, the train drivers’ union, has backed plans outlined by Scottish Labour leader Kezia Dugdale today to head off proposed cuts by the SNP in Scotland. The SNP government at Holyrood wants to launch a series of brutal cuts which will attack public services throughout Scotland. But that, says Kezia, is not the answer.

Kevin Lindsay, ASLEF’s organiser in Scotland, said: ‘The SNP are acting like George Osborne’s Conservative Party and following the austerity agenda which has wreaked havoc south of the border. We know that cuts, of the sort loved by the SNP and the Tories, don’t work.

‘That’s why we support the imaginative solution proposed by Kezia Dugdale to the SNP’s funding problem. Labour in Scotland is offering a real alternative to austerity, to the misery caused by the Conservatives and planned by the SNP,and it is an alternative which will safeguard public services throughout Scotland.

‘That is crucial to keeping the wheels of the Scottish economy turning. And that is why we know what Kezia and Labour are proposing is the best way forward for the people of Scotland.’

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