ASLEF says yes to Night Tube

07 March 2016

ASLEF members on London Underground have voted overwhelmingly to accept a new pay deal offered by London Underground – which means the capital should get its Night Tube at last.

The vote, in a ballot conducted by Electoral Reform Services, was:

In favour of accepting LU’s 2015 pay and Night Tube offer: 88.6%. Against: 11.4%.

Finn Brennan, ASLEF’s District Organiser on London Underground, said:

‘ASLEF members on London Underground have voted by a huge majority to accept the improved offer on pay and Night Tube. Last year management tried to force through changes to rosters that would have meant unlimited increases in weekend and night shifts with a pay rise of just 0.5%. Our members took two days of absolutely solid strike action to protect their working conditions and win an improved offer. Their strength and solidarity have achieved an above-inflation pay rise and real improvements in conditions that will give drivers, and other grades, much more flexibility and control over their work/life balance in the future.

‘This is a real victory for strong, pragmatic trade unionism. There will always be changes in the workplace, but change must come through negotiation and agreement and should always bring real benefits for employees. We are now in discussions about the introduction of an all-night service on Friday and Saturday nights and expect this to be rolled out this summer.

‘If TfL had been prepared to negotiate a fair deal from the start, then two days of strike action could have been avoided and Night Tube would have started last year. We are proud of the fact that we achieved a good deal for the hard working staff who keep London moving.’

Finn added: ‘As a trade union we feel the outgoing Mayor of London, who has failed Londoners on so many levels during his time in office, deliberately created an unnecessary dispute for his own political ambitions. The outgoing Mayor has, in the process,damaged the trust between TfL and all its employees by the relentlessly political nature of what was, or should have been, an industrial negotiation.It will be good to see the back of Boris in May because the difficulties he has caused have, in effect, delayed the introduction of the Night Tube by 18 months and caused problems for passengers as well as staff.’

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