02 September 2005

On Wednesday 7th August 2002, the ASLEF Executive Committee instructed Mick Rix, General Secretary of ASLEF to ballot all members who are employed by London Underground for industrial action (strikes).

This ballot has been called due to the improper behaviour of LUL management on several counts: 

Firstly, LUL management"s conduct and behaviour in allowing ASLEF members to be routinely racially harassed and discriminated against. LUL have continually refused to change procedures and have allowed ASLEF representatives to be continually bullied and harassed by an overtly aggressive management team. 

What this does is change around members and representatives. 

Secondly, ASLEF will ballot our members on London Underground for industrial action due to the draconian action of management imposing a 3% pay deal on our members and refusing to go to arbitration and thereby breaching the machinery agreement between ASLEF and LUL. 

ASLEF General Secretary, Mick Rix said:

“The attitude of LUL’s management is prehistoric in this day and age. Our members will not tolerate intimidation and harassment and deserve a decent level of pay for the professional job they do.”

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