Croydon Tramlink results

23 May 2016

ASLEF members on Croydon Tramlink have returned an astonishing 100% Yes vote in a ballot for strike action over the failure of FirstGroup to make an acceptable pay offer.

Staff on Tramlink earn much less than those doing similar jobs in other parts of the industry. A tram driver is on a salary of around £36,000, much less than that earned by train operators on the London Underground or train staff on the Docklands Light Railway (DLR).

FirstGroup, who operate the service under a concession with TfL branding, are a vast multinational whose Chief Executive Tim O’Toole seemingly needs a salary of more than £2 million a year to get by. Yet last year FirstGroup cut pension benefits for their hardworking staff. The increased cost of paying for their own pension of up to £120 per month is much more than the pay rise offered, leaving staff much worse of in real terms.

Tramlink is vital to the success of Croydon and surrounding areas. But the hard working staff who deliver the service are seeing their standards of living fall while FirstGroup uses its profits to reward fat cat executives.

This is a huge mandate for strike action. A 100% Yes vote on a turnout of 82%, is way beyond that required by the new anti-Trade Union law.

The ASLEF Executive Committee will now decide on the next steps to take to achieve a fair pay settlement for our members. We are prepared to keep talking to resolve this dispute, but unless FirstGroup listens to this unanimous message from ASLEF members, then strike action may become inevitable.

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