Tramlink strike

06 June 2016

ASLEF members on London Tramlink will strike on Wednesday 15 and Thursday 16 June after a 100% Yes vote for action in a dispute over pay. Tram services are operated, under TfL branding, by FirstGroup, a multinational company whose chief executive Tim O’Toole had his salary doubled to £2,000,000 per annum.

Finn Brennan, ASLEF's organiser on London Underground, said: 'Drivers and other staff on Tramlink earn much less than those doing similar jobs in other parts of the industry. Last year they saw their pension benefits drastically cut as FirstGroup milked its staff to increase its profits.

'Tramlink staff work hard to deliver a service that is crucial to the economy of Croydon and the wider South London area it serves. But it is clear that their employer simply does not value them. As the cost of living, and especially housing costs in London continue to rocket, their living standards have declined.

'The current pay offer of 2.6 % doesn’t make up for the cuts FirstGroup has made to pensions and means staff will continue to earn much less then they deserve. ASLEF have asked the company to make a much improved offer to avoid this dispute but they haven’t even been prepared to meet us since our members voted for action.FirstGroup have left us with no other option than to take strike action.'

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