Union leaders defend public services and show solidarity with striking fireman

02 September 2005

The government is in a hole and should stop digging. Rather than use inflammatory rhetoric about banning public service strikes, it should listen to the real message coming from public service workers.

New Labour came to office pledged to deliver social justice and rebuild morale in the public services. After five years, there is too little evidence of either happening. Unsurprisingly, public sector workers across the board feel undervalued.

It is not just firefighters - lecturers, college/university staff and magistrates" court staff were on strike recently as well, as did a million local government workers and one thousand civil servants earlier in the year. It is time ministers dropped the rhetoric of confrontation with the unions, which puts at risk the whole future of the government, and started to deliver on the promises they made five years ago. If they do, public sector workers will be more than ready to play their part.

If the government do not ensure that a reasonable offer is made to the FBU, we will encourage all the units of our respective organisations to build a massive support network to take up weekly collections to ensure that the firefighters are sustained for as long as is needed.

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M D Rix



J Mcknight



J Mcknight



D Nicholls



B Hayes



J Dear



B Crow



R Eagleson



M Serwotka

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