ASLEF Circular

25 August 2005

Industrial Action by Chubb Security Employees


Circular No.335 File Ref: H&S/EP/60


25 August 2005


To: Waterloo InternationalTRAINCREW Branch (269), all representatives and health and safety representatives Eurostar


Fellow Members,


Industrial Action by Chubb Security Employees


We have received notification from the RMT, in correspondence dated 24 August 2005, that RMT members employed by Chubb Security at Waterloo, Ashford and North Pole will be taking strike action on Friday 26th and Saturday 27th August 2005.


ASLEF is concerned over safety and security during the strikes. The removal of trained and vetted staff could seriously compromise the security and safety arrangements of the Eurostar service.


If ASLEF members working for Eurostar have concerns about safety or security of the site or the train they are operating, then they have rights under the law.


The Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999, Regulation 8.Procedures for serious and imminent danger and for danger areas,


2) Without prejudice to the generality of paragraph (1)(a), the procedures referred to in that sub-paragraph shall -


(a) so far as is practicable, require any persons at work who are exposed to serious and imminent danger to be informed of the nature of the hazard and of the steps taken or to be taken to protect them from it;


(b) enable the persons concerned (if necessary by taking appropriate steps in the absence of guidance or instruction and in the light of their knowledge and the technical means at their disposal) to stop work and immediately proceed to a place of safety in the event of their being exposed to serious, imminent and unavoidable danger; and


Further, Eurostar have a procedure to refuse to work on the grounds of safety (EUKL 0111).


Any ASLEF member who believes that there safety is being compromised should raise the issue with management and has the right to remove themselves to a place of safety.


ASLEF have written to the Eurostar Human Resources Director seeking assurances that our members will not be placed in danger during the dispute, and asking what measures that they are going to take to ensure that the security and safety of passengers, staff and the infrastructure is not compromised.


Please bring the contents of this circular to the attention of your members


Yours fraternally


Keith Norman


General Secretary

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