Jeremy Corbyn

12 July 2016

ASLEF, as a trade union affiliated to the Labour Party, is disappointed that, just when we should be turning our fire on the Conservative government, a decision has been taken to challenge the leader of our party who was only elected, with overwhelming support, ten months ago.

We recognise that a leadership election has been called and will be fought. But we strongly believe that this election, for Labour leader, is a matter for the Labour Party: its members, affiliates and registered supporters.

We must ensure, during this election process, that we stay true to and uphold our values and democratic principles.That means our democratically-elected incumbent leader has the right to be on the ballot paper. The party rules are, as Michael Mansfield QC has said,absolutely clear. The need for nominations applies only to potential challengers.

We believe the only way for any challenger to Jeremy Corbyn to seek a legitimate mandate from the Labour Party is through a democratic election in which Jeremy is able to defend his record, his programme, and his vision directly to the members who elected him last year

Any gerrymandering, any attempt to keep Jeremy off the ballot, will mean the next leader will not have the democratic mandate he or she needs to win a general election. And it will further erode the trust people have in our politicians at Westminster.

That is why we are calling on the NEC to do the right thing and ensure that Jeremy is on the ballot.

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