Claire Perry

15 July 2016

Mick Whelan, general secretary of ASLEF, has spoken out after Rail Minister Claire Perry resigned from the government in the wake of the fiasco on Southern Railways.

Mick said: ‘Claire Perry has paid the price for the failure, of David Cameron’s Conservative government, to deliver on transport for the people of this country. Like her boss, Patrick McLoughlin, she stood by, saying little and doing nothing, as Southern Railways failed to deliver for passengers, and taxpayers, and staff. Commuters in the region have dubbed the company Southern Failways because they always fail to deliver.

‘At ASLEF, as a trade union representing 96% of the train drivers in this country, we have a vested interest in the success of Britain’s railways. And we believe Britain’s railways are at the heart of Britain’s economy and at the heart of British society. The transport network in this country – especially our rail system – is vital not just to business, but to people travelling to work, and to family and friends.

‘Our members,like their colleagues, work hard every day to deliver a first class public service. But Southern Railways has failed the people who depend on it for connections, and now Claire Perry, as the Rail Minister in the last government, has paid the price for that failure.

‘We look forward to a new Secretary of State for Transport, and a new Rail Minister, who will work with everyone in the industry to deliver for passengers, for taxpayers, and for staff.’

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