Mick welcomes High Court ruling

28 July 2016

Mick Whelan, ASLEF’s general secretary, welcomed the High Court decision today to reject a challenge to Labour’s decision to let Jeremy Corbyn automatically stand for re-election as leader. He said: ‘The judge saw this for what it was – a specious, and sneaky, bid to prevent the Labour Party coming to a democratic decision and electing the leader. As a member of the Labour Party I’m proud to be backing Jeremy and as a trade union we know he is the best man to lead Labour into the next election. Jeremy is proud to talk about public ownership. He understands how ordinary people are suffering in this Conservative Age of Austerity. He wants to rebuild Britain as a fairer, and more modern society, and a more productive economy, that delivers for all the people in the 21st century. Jeremy is the democratically-elected leader of the Labour Party and we think he will be elected again this summer. I wish some people, in the PLP and elsewhere, would spend less time undermining him and more time turning their collective fire on the Tories.’

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