Davey Hopper tribute

28 July 2016

Labour movement activists - including a sizeable contingent from ASLEF - are gathering in Durham today to pay tribute to Dave Hopper, secretary of the Durham Miners’ Association, who died unexpectedly on 16 July. Davey was elected general secretary of the Durham area NUM in 1985 and led the union through the difficult years after the bitter miners’ strike of 1984/85 and the closure of the Durham coalfield. 'Davey was was an inspirational leader who held firm to his deeply felt socialist principles all his life,' said Mick Whelan, general secretary of ASLEF. 'Just a week before he died Davey presided over the 132nd Miners ’Gala – the 31st on his tour of duty – which attracted the biggest crowd in 60 years,' said EC president Tosh McDonald. 'That achievement, as well as the Big Meetings to come, are Davey's legacy to the labour movement.' There is a celebration of Davey's life in Durham this afternoon ahead of a humanist funeral tomorrow. Mick said: 'Our thoughts are with Davey's family and friends at this difficult time.'

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