16 Aug: Protest Fare Rises and Call for Public Ownership

10 August 2016

Action for Rail is organising a day of action on 16 August calling for a publicly owed railway with affordable fares, and for Govia to be stripped of the Southern Rail franchise.

On 16 August the government will announce yet another hike in our rail fares, but services are often late, overcrowded and under-staffed. Passengers and taxpayers are being asked to pay an ever increasing price for the failures of rail privatisation. On Southern Rail, run by Govia Thameslink Railway, thousands of passengers are having to put up with abysmal services.

While fares keep rising, cuts to services and staffing are taking place across the network – with more ticket offices closing, removal of guards from trains, extension of driver only operations and fewer staff at stations to provide help when we need it. We’re paying more, but getting less.

Follow the link below for further details, for links to write to your MP and for a list of stations where actions will be held: http://actionforrail.org/end-railripoff-on-16-august-protest-fare-rises-and-call-for-public-ownership/

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