ASLEF supports a well staffed and safe Night Tube

18 August 2016

Ahead of its eventual launch tomorrow, ASLEF welcomes the arrival of Night Tube on the Victoria and Central lines. If the previous Mayor had been less confrontational and prepared to listen to staff and trade unions instead of playing political games, London would have had all night tube services much sooner.

The stance ASLEF took last year means that over two hundred new jobs for drivers have been created with trade union rates of pay and working conditions,as well as agreed improvements to work life balance for existing staff that are now starting to be delivered. It is a demonstration of what a determined,professional trade union can achieve.

ASLEF will be watching closely to ensure that staffing and policing levels are adequate to ensure a safe environment for the traveling public and all those working hard to deliver the service. But we believe that having professional, well trained, properly rewarded staff on a publicly owned and publicly operated transport system will always be the best and safest option for traveling in London.

We call on the new government to protect London's economy post Brexit by reversing the cuts to Transport for London’s budget announced in last year’s autumn statement. London’s transport system needs ongoing investment to support its future growth and to ensure that service levels continue to increase.

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