Letter to Transport Secretary - Re Underground Derailment

19 August 2005

The Rt Hon Alistair Darling MP,

Secretary of State for Transport

Great Minster House

76 Marsham Street

London SW1P 4DR



Dear Secretary of State,






In light of the crash at Chancery Lane and subsequent information received, ASLEF has written to the HMRI calling for a full public inquiry into this terrible crash, and an investigation into the deteriorating relationship between LUL and its private contractors.


We also believe that the fragmentation of LUL is now bringing the same problems with the interface and control that have blighted the former BRB.


Therefore, PPP should be suspended until this inquiry looks at these investigations. We believe that safety is being compromised and taking second place to dogma.


I await your urgent response.



Yours sincerely





General Secretary


CC: Mr A Osborne, HMRI: Mr P Godier, Managing Director, LUL: Mr B Crow, General Secretary, RMT; Mr J Monks, General Secretary, TUC: Mr R Rosser, General Secretary, TSSA.

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