Tosh sets the record straight

14 September 2016

Tosh said: ‘I never compared Hilary Benn to Hitler and I never compared the International Brigades to Daesh. Anyone who knows me knows I would never say those things and everyone who was there at the meeting knows that isn’t what I said.

‘I think Hilary Benn was wrong to back the Tories in their attempts to bomb Syria. And I think he was wrong to compare the proposed Western mission in the region to the efforts of the InternationalBrigades to defend democracy in Spain.

‘But I know that Hilary, who I respect as a senior Labour politician, was only responding to misquotations of what I actually said. And I think it’s time for all of us, in the labour movement, to turn our fire on the Tories, and what they are doing to this country, rather than attacking each other.’

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