Southern profit from failure

02 September 2016

After this morning's announcement that GTR's profits are up 27% Mick Whelan, general secretary of ASLEF, the train drivers’ union, said: ‘This is like living with Alice in Wonderland! A company, which has failed to deliver for passengers every day for the last year, and which only yesterday got its snout back in the public trough, with another generous pile of taxpayers’ cash, courtesy of a compliant DfT, has just announced record profits for its shareholders! David Brown is, apparently, set to turn down his bonus and salary increase; but shouldn’t he, and all the directors, be handing back their salaries after another year of failure? Because Southern is a company which has shown this year that it cannot - or will not - deliver on its franchise commitments. It is failing to deliver for passengers, it is letting down the government, it is selling the British taxpayer short. And morale among staff - the men and women who work hard, who take real pride in their job, and who want to deliver a first class public service but are prevented by the hapless management at Southern - is, not surprisingly, at rock bottom. It’s time for the company to hand back the keys and for this franchise to be run by people who know what they are doing and who will - like East Coast when it was in public hands - return money to the Treasury, not take it out of the industry.’

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