Anchor for the Labour Party

27 September 2016

Mick Whelan gave a rousing speech at the Trade Union Group of MPs and Unions Together reception during the Labour Party conference on Monday night.

He said: ‘The trade union movement has always been an anchor for the Labour Party in times of trial and tribulation.The unions supported the party through the painful upheavals of the 1930s and1980s. That’s what friends do. They support each other when the going gets tough and I believe Labour’s affiliated unions must remain an anchor for the party as we emerge from what has been a difficult period.

‘The link between the party and the trade union movement is one of our most precious assets. It’s the channel through which the views and experiences of millions of working men and women are heard across the Labour Party. From the branch to the GC to the shadow cabinet to the leader. The link keeps all of us rooted in the issues which matter to working people.

‘Now is the time to unite as an opposition and attack this Tory government with everything we’ve got. Now is the time for a workplace rights agenda to help rebuild our economy. Now is the time to build a strong Labour policy programme which pledges to build millions of houses, to renationalise the railways, and to end the privatisation of the NHS. Now is the time to remember we are all Labour because we want to fight injustice and inequality. Colleagues, we must stand together and build for the future to secure a Labour victory at the next general election.’

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