ASLEF to ballot for action on Southern

18 October 2016

ASLEF is to ballot its drivers on Southern Railways for industrial action after last-ditch talks at head office on Monday failed to resolve the problems at the heart of this dispute. ‘We have genuinely sought to reach a compromise with Southern,’ said general secretary Mick Whelan. ‘We have always been prepared to talk to the company, and we have always been of the view that it is, or should be, possible to do a deal – as we did with ScotRail – but it takes two to tango and the company has not been prepared to negotiate. They want to impose, not to discuss. They have dug in their heels and forced us to ballot our members.’ Our trade dispute with the company is that there should be no introduction and/or extension of new driver-only operated routes on Southern without the agreement of ASLEF.’

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