Conference Report

19 August 2005



Speech by Bob Crow, General Secretary RMT


RMT general secretary Bob Crow won a standing ovation from delegates after an impassioned speech declaring his commitment to ASLEF and the RMT working closely together.


He also slammed claims by rail contractors Jarvis that the Potters Bar crash had been caused by “sabotage”.


“It was sabotage when they privatised the whole railway industry – perhaps the police should nick the people who did that.


“It is not the individual workers who are at fault, it is the whole contracting system. When chief executives are guilty of corporate manslaughter they should be banged up.”


Labour MPs Laurie Quinn and Mick Clapham also addressed conference on Saturday. Mr Clapham expressed alarm at the subservience British foreign policy was showing to the USA.


He underlined that the trade union movement had the best prospects of any organisation of changing government policy, and urged that it use that influence for change.

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