Conference Report

19 August 2005





ASLEF reaffirmed its opposition to the government’s PPP plan for the London Underground in a debate on transport policy.


Mick Rix told delegates that the privatisation of the infrastructure management means “we could see the possibility of a Ladbroke Grove underground.


“I hope that the government will reverse its decision on PPP. It is not well-thought out, it is not safe and no-one in London wants it.”


Delegates also backed a motion stating that ASLEF is the proper union to represent drivers employed by light railway systems and instructed the executive “to launch a vigorous campaign to recruit members and win recognition on these systems.”


Mr Rix told conference that ASLEF was seeking a meeting of unions involved in the sector to negotiate changes to the TUC’s light rapid transit agreement, failing which “we will withdraw from the agreement, leaving us free to bid where we want, although we do not want to have to do that.”

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