LUL Dispute - Update (4th October 2002)

19 August 2005





“Don’t be ruled by a minority intent on causing unnecessary and pointless disruption. Help us to provide our customers with a safe and reliable service and we will ensure that you receive professional support.”





Dear Colleagues,


It’s not often that your Trade Unions are in agreement with management.


The above quote was taken from one of LUL’s bulletins. In this one they actually gave a freephone number for staff to call if they wished to scab on the strike. There obviously weren’t many takers because on Wednesday the Underground system was shut down for the second time in a week.


But management are right. You should not be ruled by a minority intent on causing unnecessary and pointless disruption and this minority are better known as London Underground management themselves. It is they alone who continue to refuse to go to independent mediation. It is they who are ignoring the appeals from the Trade Unions, the London Assembly, the Mayor of London, the Government and the travelling public whom they claim to care so much about.


Instead of offering freephone numbers, why couldn’t they just pick up the phone and tell us they’ll agree to independent mediation instead of inflicting all this misery on the capital.


Management have stated that around 12 trains ran on the day of our second stoppage. Whoever is responsible for operating these services should be ashamed of themselves. These “train services” served no useful purpose whatsoever, other than give bogus station staff (managers in uniform) something to do.


So, once again RMT and ASLEF members of all grades gave brilliant support to the stoppage of work. You can be very proud of this as we are of you. The thing now is to get management to mediation talks. Every effort has been made by us to persuade them to do this.


The RMT and ASLEF Executives are working closely together to resolve this situation. As a first step we are calling on all ASLEF and RMT members to support a demonstration outside LUL Headquarters on Wednesday week. Full details are attached.


We urge you to stand firm in the face of the most vicious intimidation that is taking place throughout the combine. We will not settle this dispute as long as any member of our Trade Unions is being marked absent for going on strike.


Please support the demonstration. More information will follow.

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