Firefighters Let Down on Pay Deal

18 August 2005

John McDonnell MP has written to the deputy Prime Minister, on behalf of the Socialist Campaign Group, demanding an urgent meeting on the looming crisis in the Fire Service following the Fire Service Employers" failure to fulfil the first part of the pay deal agreed with the FBU in June.


John McDonnell, Chair of the Socialist Campaign Group, said:

"The government should not be surprised if firefighters are angered by their employers" refusal to honour this hard won agreement. Unless the Government intervenes quickly to ensure firefighters and support staff are paid what they are due we could find ourselves back to square one in no time at all."


John McDonnell also says that The Civil Contingences Bill, which at present is in committee in draft form, may reappear in the Queens Speech. This legislation has major implications for civil liberties and trade union rights, and would make illegal industrial action taken in any situation, which could be categorised as an "emergency". This could include action by health workers, firefighters, transport workers, postal workers, civil servants, teachers, and many others.


A copy of the Draft Civil Contingences Bill can be found at

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