Croydon tram derailment - RAIB report

16 November 2016

The Rail Accident Investigation Branch today released an interim report into the Croydon tram accident last week.

Finn Brennan, ASLEF's organiser on Croydon Tramlink and London Underground, said: 'The publication of the interim report by the Rail Accident Investigation Branch into the tram derailment at Sandilands is the first step towards discovering the underlying causes of this terrible tragedy.

'While individuals will be held accountable for their actions, it is clear that the lack of adequate safety systems were at the root of this dreadful accident. On the mainline railway, or London Underground, long established, tried and tested technology such as Train Protection Warning System or Automatic Train Protection is in place to ensure that a train traveling too quickly in a potentially dangerous area will be slowed and stopped. This technology is not in place on Tramlink. If it had been then this awful event could have been avoided.

'But it is also clear that there are serious questions to answer about the failure to investigate previous incidents that means the risk of such a serious accident happening were not identified and acted upon.

'The operation of Tramlink should now be taken under the direct control of TfL so that immediate steps can be taken to implement the recommendations of the RAIB, and to put in place modern safety systems and a management structure that puts the welfare of its passengers, not value for shareholders, at the centre of everything it does.'

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