3 January Day of Action

18 November 2016

Join Action for Rail’s national day of action on 3 January 2017 to call for public ownership, affordable fares and a properly staffed railway that is inclusive and accessible for all.

Rail privatisation is daylight robbery - take action!

Fares will be going up again in January 2017, and since privatisation they’ve increased by 24% on average – it’s daylight robbery. Meanwhile we often have to endure late, overcrowded and understaffed services, while private train companies continue to pay out increasingly bigger dividends to their shareholders.

There is information about the day of action on the website http://actionforrail.org/rail-privatisation-is-daylight-robbery-take-action/http://actionforrail.org/rail-privatisation-is-daylight-robbery-take-action/

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