ASLEF Press Release

17 August 2005



Following the change of ownership at Connex South Eastern, Shaun Brady, General Secretary of ASLEF called on the Strategic Rail Authority to “give public ownership a new chance.”


The SRA has indicated that it has already received 12 expressions of interest from private operators and that it hopes to re-tender the franchise in about 14 months. In the mean time the contract will remain in public hands.


Commenting on the future ownership of the line Mr Brady said: “the taxpayer will demand a refund if they see their money misused with deals just passing from one badly performing private operator to another. Public ownership should be seen as serious option for the long-term, not just the next 14 months.


“Passengers and drivers would see it as fatal mistake if the SRA were to rush into a new private operator and end up with another Connex. The SRA must use this opportunity to show rail users that it has quality considerations at the forefront of its thinking when assessing the new bids for this vital commuter line.”

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