Thames Gateway Bridge Flawed Consultation Brings Flawed Result

17 August 2005

Misleading and inadequate information during consultation has allowed the Mayor to claim a majority in favour of building a new motorway across the Thames according to Transport 2000 the national environmental campaign group.


“If you use misleading information you must expect to get a misleading result,” said Richard Bourn, London Campaigner at Transport 2000.


The outcome of the consultation on the Thames Gateway Bridge, which ended in August, is to be announced by the Mayor tomorrow (11th November). It is expected to show a large majority in favour of the new bridge.


During the consultation exercise a number of serious criticisms were made by Transport 2000 and others, about the information provided to the public by Transport for London including that:


The consultation was held before vital information about its traffic, air pollution, noise and other impacts was available even though this information is already being gathered for the Environmental Assessment.


No other options, and in particular no all public transport option, were offered.


The Bridge was misrepresented as a local link, and it was claimed that 90% of the traffic using it would be local, but the definition of ‘local’ was absurdly wide.


The regeneration and job creation benefits of the Bridge were wildly exaggerated.


“The claims made in favour of this bridge need to be properly examined and accurate information assembled. The public should then be given an opportunity to respond when the real facts are available,” concluded Richard Bourn.

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