Press Statement:

18 August 2005

HSE Safety Figures.


In response to the HSE figures on safety on the Railways Shaun Brady, general secretary of ASLEF said:


"We welcome the fall in fatalities on the railways largely due to the introduction of the Train Protection and Warning System, but we would caution the train operating companies from getting too complacent TPWS is a 20th Century solution to a 21st Century problem.


"A modern automatic train protection system needs to be introduced if we are to continue to see a decline in accidents on the railways. The introduction of level II European Rail Traffic Management System ERTMS must be made a priority."


Commenting the death of 3 track workers Mr Brady said:

"Sadly it seems that the average of three deaths for track workers each year is to continue. It is a disgrace that poorly trained track staff are placed in such exposed positions. Their employers must undertake adequate training to protect these vulnerable workers.


Commenting on the fact that 355 staff were injured through assaults on the railways Mr Brady said "it is completely unacceptable that train staff are met with violence at work. The Train Operating Companies need to meet the increase in the number of staff assaulted with policies of zero tolerance.


"The criminal justice system needs to recognise the seriousness of assaulting a railway worker. Any perpetrator should be met with strong penalties from the justice system."

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