An honour accorded to few

22 November 2016

The tradition of naming trains is as old as the railway and followed the convention of naming ships. It’s an honour accorded to very few. EC member for district 1, MARZ COLOMBINI, reports on company council rep Nigel Cummins who now has his name on the side of a loco.


(As featured in the December 2016 edition of the ASLEF Journal)


nigel cumminsASLEF reps from across South West Trains gathered on the down bay platform at Woking to witness the company’s managing director, Christian Roth, unveil a newly painted MPV named in honour of long standing company council representative Nigel Cummins.


Nigel has been central to ASLEF negotiations at company level since his election nearly two decades ago.  Nigel’s trademark meticulous approach to his work has delivered a string of successful clause nine hearings and appeals. He has played a pivotal role in delivering our policies and aspirations, most notably the introduction of the 35 hour four day week now enjoyed by our members employed by SWT.


Nigel was modest in his acceptance of this well-deserved recognition, suggesting that credit for what we achieve should be directed at the collective rather than the individual. While a noble sentiment, it is beyond doubt that, over the years, Nigel has brought more than his fair share to the table.

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