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22 November 2016


liverpool branch 1900s

A photograph has recently come into my possession that may interest you or one of your members with associations with ASLEF in Liverpool.


The photo features a group of railway drivers,all in civilian clothes, proudly displaying an ASLEF union banner that says Liverpool district branch. The photograph is not dated nor is there any indication as to where it is.




The only identifying feature is the name of the photographer –Clement Gwynne – March & Soham. Now that’s a long way from Liverpool and why an East Anglian tradesman was photographing Liverpool union members I have no idea. Clement Gwynne was practicing photography in the early years of the last century. 

 liverpool banner 1900s

The down side of this is that it is in a woeful condition.It is on its original card mount but, unfortunately, this has been broken in two right through the middle. However, modern computer technology can do wonders for old photographs. The image may well be in your archives, or a Liverpool museum, but if it is not known, I would not like it to be destroyed. My father was a railwayman at March from 1926 to 1967 and I would be delighted if it should find a new home where it will be treasured.







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