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18 August 2005

Life"s not just about work – says Brady


Shaun Brady, General Secretary of ASLEF, the train drivers union has highlighted the balance between home and work life in his first interview for Loco Journal.


As the father of two young daughters and commuting on union business between Southampton and the London head office Shaun Brady says he appreciates more than most the problems facing members and colleagues whose long working hours often collide against the needs of a reasonable family life and caring responsibilities.


“Life’s not just about work. We’re pushing hard for a 35-hour week and a four-day week because I know as a father of two young girls how difficult it is to juggle things around. We have to create a flexibility to bring in women and men into the industry who have children and build a climate where people also have time to care for their children.”


Mr Brady also highlighted his ambitions for the union:


“I want the concerns of all members to be listened to and addressed. It is vital to me that the union places a high priority on the key industrial issues. Our members want to see the railways growing, they want to know they are safe for drivers and the public and they want to see the service improved for everyone.


“In five years time I want to see the union continuing to change. We will have worked hard to ensure that the companies who run our railways understand our members’ concerns and aspirations. The world around us is changing and ASLEF has to reflect these changes in the way it works. I hope we will enhance the democratic workings... and build many opportunities for our members to direct the work of their union.”


On the London underground:


“One of the biggest issues (for ASLEF to tackle) is investment. It’s obvious over the past few months that that LUL is crying out for new investment and we need a government that makes sure the money is there, and that’s why I support the Labour Party. It’s the only political party that has consistently invested in the railways and I will continue to support it so long as they put in the investment they’ve promised.”


On privatisation he said:


“Fragmentation has been a disaster – there has been no plan, too many factions have had their own strategies and there have been so many vested interests rather than jus one interest in supplying a public railway for the people.

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