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20 February 2017

This December there is a chance that MPs could vote for the strongest law the UK has ever seen to tackle violence against women and girls: the Istanbul Convention. Will your MP turn up and Change Herstory on 16 December?

Violence against women and girls takes many forms and is widespread in the UK.The Istanbul Convention outlines minimum standards for a State’s response to violence against women and girls and covers prevention, protection, prosecution and monitoring. For example, it would protect funding for domestic violence shelters, rape crisis centers, and 24/7 helplines; ensure education on healthy relationships in schools; and guarantee awareness-raising campaigns.

Dr Eilidh Whiteford MP has introduced a Private Member’s Bill (PMB) which would require the UK Government to make the Istanbul Convention law in the UK. If 100 MPs turn up and vote on 16 December, it will pass to the next stage but the 16 December is on a Friday morning - a time when many MPs would normally be in their local constituencies. That’s why it’s essential for each of us to contact our MPs and tell them why it’s so important to be there to support the Bill.

Will you contact your MP and ask them to show up and Change Herstory on 16 December? 

Click here:  TAKE ACTION

For more information visit the IC Change website  The IC Change campaign is a grassroots, volunteer led campaign working to make sure the Government follows through on its commitment to make the Istanbul Convention law in the UK.

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