Why DOO is not safe

28 November 2016

Giving evidence about the industrial dispute with Southern, and the failure of franchising, he told MPs:‘It’s been our policy for more than 15 years to seek to eradicate driver only operation. DOO was designed for three-car 317s on the Bed-Pan [Bedford to St Pancras] line in the early 1980s when it was all about managed decline at the fag end of British Rail. An increase in the number of passengers we are carrying every day means you have 1,100 passengers on a 12 car train and just two seconds to check 24 sets of doors and that’s simply not adequate to deal safely and properly with the travelling public.’

When Mick was challenged by MPs over why, if we think DOO is unsafe, we drive trains with driver only operation, he said: ‘The difference between us, and the DfT, and companies like Southern, is that we’re honourable. Where we have agreements we work to those agreements, even when we are seeking to change them because we think they’re inherently unsafe. And the industry is now catching up. DOO is not fit for purpose. There are blind spots all over the place.’

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