ASLEF Press Release

18 August 2005

Gatwick Dispute - Xmas Eve action likely


ASLEF, the train drivers union today warned the employers at Gatwick that if they didn’t make a realistic offer then the action planned for Christmas Eve would go ahead.


Speaking after a morning of industrial action by members working on the Gatwick Express line, Steve Grant, ASLEF District Secretary said:


“The employers are not fooling anyone with their talk of improved offers. The reality of the new 3-year deal is that it amounts to 1.5 per cent for each of the three years. This is just typical of the Gatwick management – they are out of touch with the reality of drivers pay.


“Drivers on the Gatwick line currently receive £28,215 per annum compared with drivers on other South Eastern lines earning in excess of £30,000 already. If Gatwick want to retain their staff and offer a competitive rate for the job then they must offer a £30,000 minimum.”


Commenting on the progress of talks Mr Grant said:


“ The employers seem to think they can play games with the drivers, but their dallying is wearing thin. ASLEF members need a realistic offer without all the productivity elements before they will stop this industrial action. Christmas travellers are right to be annoyed and they should ask serious questions of the Gatwick management This is a company that claims to prioritise customer service – if they were serious they would properly reward the people who provide it.


”If this matter is not resolved quickly then I will be recommending that we step up action in the New Year. ”


ASLEF has already advised employers of industrial action on:

· Christmas Eve - 24 December – midnight to midnight.

· New Years Eve - 31st December – midnight to midnight

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