MENCAP reserach

29 November 2016

MENCAP works in partnership with people with a learning disability, with their families and with their carers. They campaign for change and provide advice and services that allow people to live as independently as possible in a place they choose (for further information please visit

MENCAP is looking to improve the way it delivers its projects by engaging with carers in order to better understand their needs. They want to conduct short telephone interviews with carers, particularly fathers, because men do not traditionally access MENCAP projects and services as much as women.

All interviews will be confidential and anonymised in the final report. Your participation will not affect any services that you currently make use of. The research will be used to develop policy in the organisation to help promote projects and services to the families that most need it.

If you would like to participate, or for further information, please contact Namita Srivastava, Campaigns and Policy Officer, MENCAP, 123 Golden Lane, London EC1Y0RT.


Tel: 0207 696 5502

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